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CBD Oil 500mg

◆   Hemp Isolate Tincture Drops help relieve discomfort.

◆    It helps balance the body.

◆    Supports normal neurological function.

◆    Promotes well-being and overall health.

◆    Helps to relieve anxious feelings & stress.

◆    Helps to reduce nausea & vomiting.

Suggested Use:

◆ Take 0.6 ml (approx 2-4 drops twice per day).


 About Hemp Isolate Tincture Drops

Our Hemp Oil Tinctures (Drops) are some of the purest Hemp oils available. Blended with only two ingredients our tinctures provide you with a potent dose of the highest quality cannabidiol (99% Hemp Isolate) in conjunction with wholesome hemp seed oil. Our Hemp oil is extracted from organically grown US hemp that is phytocannabinoid and also contains amino acids and omega 3, 6, and 9’s.

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