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CBD Liquid Capsules (25mg/Capsule)

Certified Vegan friendly and gluten free.

◆   Full Spectrum hemp oil.

◆   Non-psychoactive (Free of THC).

◆   Laboratory tested to ensure content, potency, contaminants, parasites.

◆  25mg of Hemp per soft gel capsule. Hemp liquid capsules are an easy and convenient way to get your daily dose of Hemp.

◆  Pack contains 30 Hemp Soft gel capsules

Suggested Use:

◆  Take 1-2 from Melon soft gels daily with food for the best results. Swallow capsule whole with a drink of water.


What’s the difference between melon Hemp capsules and melon oils?

Many of our customers prefer Melon Hemp liquid Capsules for their daily Hemp dosage if you are wondering what is the right product for you!

We can tell you the biggest secret really is all Melon Hemp products work. The main difference is how long it will take to work! And how long does it stay in your system?

One of the major differences between Hemp oils and Hemp capsules is the method the body breaks them down. Hemp oils may offer some benefits over capsules, as the drops are absorbed orally under the tongue. This means that most hemp extract avoids passing through the digestive system.

This means that the breakdown process of the human body makes the consumption of Hemp in the form of oil can be more beneficial, effective, and helpful to any feelings of pain or stiffness in the body as it goes into work faster than capsules.

When you buy Melon 25mg Hemp capsules, on the other hand, you are obviously swallowing them as a pill knowing the exact precise Hemp milligram consumed which is a big advantage for most Hemp liquid capsules consumers. Containing all the terpenoids, essential oils, and other compounds found in the cannabis plant. Melon Hemp capsules hold an array of benefits for the body, including the reduction of back and joint pain.


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