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Vegan Gummies with 25mg Hemp

◆   Delicious fruit flavors

◆   25mg HEMP per gummy

◆   All Natural, Vegan Friendly, and high potency.

◆   No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Sweeteners

◆   Melon leading full spectrum HEMP oil formulation.

◆   Will not get you “High” (>0.3% THC), Cannabinoid Rich.

◆   Perfect for on the go use.

Suggested Use:

◆ Take (1) one or (2) two gummies daily preferably with a meal. Do not exceed two (2) gummies daily.


Vegan HEMP Gummies 2.4oz

These hemp assorted fruit gummies here among Melon hemp line of products are everyone’s favorite. They are very tasty and will leave you with a sweet tooth, also effectively relaxing especially after a long day.

Melon hemp gummies are free from THC, vegan and GMO-free, each gummy contains 25mg hemp.

Each hemp gummy relieves and discomfort in the body, helps reduce anxious emotions and stress, it’s an amazing mood booster, and helps to balance and rest your neurological system. 


When you buy melon vegan HEMP gummy bears…

You buy hemp-based deliciousness in a bottle. Melon hemp bears each 25 mg hemp, which guarantees that the industry-leading formulation is now available in the most delicious cannabidiol-infused free from THC gummies on the market.


Why buy vegan HEMP gummy bears (25mg)?

One of the most main reasons why people buy Melon hemp gummy bears (hemp 25 mg) is because they’re so easy to eat, according to our customer feedback responses. Melon hemp gummies look and taste like fruit candy with a sugar coating. They are infused with high-quality hemp Hemp Oil, full spectrum Cannabidiol Hemp Oil.
They are easy to carry and perfect for on-the-go users.

Important: Please check to see if edible hemp-derived is permitted in your state before you buy our hemp gummies.

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