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March 09, 2021 4 min read

Hemp oil is more commonly known as CBD oil. It can be extracted from the hemp plant that belongs to the family of Cannabis Sativa. Hemp oil is controversial around the world, and most countries have banned the use of this oil in any form. 

However, to sell the oil legally in the US, the amount of THC in it should be less than 0.3%. Still, some states have different laws regarding hemp oil. 

Hemp oil contains cannabinoids (CBD), which does not cause the high, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

While looking at the health benefits of hemp oil, we see that it is beneficial in treating various conditions like stress, anxiety, and inflammation in the body. The presence of cannabinoids in hemp oil is what makes it effective against anxiety. 

Before digging into the importance of hemp oil, let us see what anxiety is and what causes this condition?

Anxiety is a feeling in which a person feels worried and stressed. Nervousness, restlessness, and panic are common symptoms of anxiety; these can be mild or severe. Physical changes like blood pressure can also increase in this condition.  

Excessive stress and worries are the major causes of this condition. Sometimes your life problems, relationships, and even workload can trigger anxiety. 

How Anti-anxiety Medicines Work?

GABA is a neurotransmitter (a chemical messenger) in the human nervous system. Its function is to inhibit or decrease the activity of our nervous system. It eventually slows us down in case of hyperactivity. Normal anxiety medicines work by binding to the GABA receptors. This produces a calming effect and thus deals with stress and anxiety. 

However, our body gets immune to these medicines really quickly. A person has to increase the dose, and a time comes when he has to take the medication to prevent anxiety attacks.

Not only do these anti-anxiety medicines become addictive, but they also have some serious side effects, among which insomnia and weight gain are the most common. 

This is where the hemp oil comes to the rescue. Hemp oil contains cannabinoids. This CBD is the main active ingredient in hemp oil which works against anxiety. CBD does not merely reduce symptoms. It looks for the root cause to kick away the feelings of fear and anxiety

In 2015, a clinical study on a ten-year-old girl had been conducted. She was suffering from anxiety and insomnia. Treating her with CBD had gradually improved her sleep quality and reduced anxiety. No side effects were observed with the use of hemp oil. 

Unlike normal anti-anxiety medicines, CBD does not lose its effectiveness over time. 

How Hemp Oil Works?

Hemp oil contains CBD, which is mainly involved in the expulsion of the root cause of anxiety. Most commonly, CBD acts on GABA receptors, serotonin, and the hippocampus of the brain. 

GABA Receptors

CBD present in hemp oil has its effects on GABA. In simple words, GABA is responsible for balancing the body conditions in case of nervousness. If somehow, GABA receptors stop working efficiently, then the condition called anxiety results. 

CBD and some other important chemicals in the hemp oil bind to these receptors of GABA, thus making the nerve cells sensitive to it. This reduces anxiety to a really good extent. 


Another region is the hippocampus of our brain, where this hemp oil works. Some changes in the hippocampus can lead to anxiety. Usually, it is involved in maintaining homeostasis of the brain and body. 

To overcome anxiety, some neurons must be produced in the hippocampus of the brain. CBD can perform this task successfully. As soon as you take the dose of hemp oil, CBD moves to the hippocampus to stimulate it to generate neurons. 

This situation leads to the reduction of anxiety and also brings down depressive behavior. 


Serotonin is another neurotransmitter that influences our mental health. Reduction in the level of serotonin leads to anxiety and depression. 

This condition can be managed with CBD. It increases the serotonin activity in the brain. Many studies have shown the link between serotonin receptors and anxiety. 

Side effects of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil normally does not cause any side effects. However, people going through some other medical conditions at the same time do have a risk of experiencing some side effects. Taking different medications might interfere with the normal working of CBD.

The common side effects found in different people include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Tiredness
  • Change in weight
  • Change in appetite

Like any other medicine, there are some withdrawal side effects of hemp oil. These include:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • fogginess
  • Irritability

Dose of Hemp Oil

Though hemp oil containing CBD is really effective against anxiety, it is essential to consult a doctor before trying it. They can guide you rightly about its dosage. 

Usually, hemp oil comes with a dropper. You can take the amount in the dropper as per your doctor’s instructions. After that, drop the oil just under your tongue and leave it there for a while. Swallow it after some seconds. 

The dosage of hemp oil does not remain the same throughout. You always begin with a small amount and increase it with time if the need arises. 

If you are looking to get hemp oil for yourself, you can purchase it from melon. You can get CBD gummies, topical, and even capsules if you like.

Also, not all the hemp oils available in the market are suitable for anxiety. There should be enough CBD present in the product to produce desired results. None other than medical professionals can guide you well in this regard.

In Conclusion

Though the use of hemp oil remains controversial, scientists are conducting much more research to determine the hidden benefits of CBD.

The use of hemp oil is found to be really beneficial for anxiety till now. However, more studies on its side effects and other roles in the human body are on their way. 

Finding the right brand for hemp oil can be challenging. If you are looking for hemp oil for anxiety, you can get it from melon. Don’t forget to see a doctor if you already take supplements for any other health problem.



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