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How Hemp Products Improved My Dad's Last Days

May 21, 2020

How Hemp Products Improved My Dad's Last Days

Dear Reader,

I was blessed to have experienced a truly life-altering event which has led me to the personal discovery of Hemp. This event has caused me to go on a quest to learn more about Hemp and to eventually share my new-found knowledge with as many people as I could reach out to.

My late father was diagnosed with late-stage cancer and was suddenly unable to enjoy day-to-day activities such as walks in the park or playing with his grandchildren. He started searching for anything that could ease his pain and boost his morale and eventually stumbled upon full-spectrum Hemp drops for the pain and Hemp  capsules for uplifting the mind and body. These two products allowed him to be fully functional for a few months whilst enjoying his grandchildren and life until his very last day. Not only do I have a new admiration for Hemp but a burning curiosity to learn more about
this product that helped my father live with dignity and pain-free. I started to study Hemp and its effects – is it as miraculous with everyone? Does it help? Was it just a coincidence that it helped my father? To answer these fundamental questions, I
started reading research articles published in peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals.

The most basic information I immediately learned was that, as many researchers and medical doctors agree, Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. These compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system in the human body, which regulates various psychological processes, including pain, inflammation, appetite, learning, and emotions.”.  This fact gave me a boost to carry on digging for further information in hopes to find answers to my questions.

I then came across research conducted on Epidiolex, a pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol oil extracted from plants, concluding that “While the results from the Epidiolex trial is certainly exciting and proves that pure Hemp can help patients
suffering from LGS and Dravet, both of which are rare but severe disorders, Hemp has the potential to help epilepsy patients beyond these two confined syndromes.”  This indicates that Hemp is used medicinally as a treatment for some diseases and is being tested as a potential treatment for others. This study further piqued my interest and has led me to more clinical trials for me to analyze.

In another scientific area of research, a series of controlled studies have shown Hemp to be effective in treating some symptoms in multiple sclerosis (MS).  In some EU countries, Sativex, a product that contains THC in addition to Hemp, is approved for MS patients. However, as there is no current cure for MS and many patients wish to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC, the result of alternative treatments to manage their day-to-day symptoms, which can include pain, muscle spasticity, fatigue and depression (Rudroff & Sosnoff, 2018).  Scientifically conducted studies supervised by scientists and medical experts have concluded that Hemp can reduce many or all these symptoms, thereby increasing overall patient mobility (Koppel et al., 2014; Rudroff & Sosnoff, 2018).

I later came across a study showing that Hemp could potentially be used to help treat autistic children.  In a 2019 study, research shows that severely disabled patients became more interactive after using Hemp; however, the clinical trial results ranged from encouraging to inconclusive (Barchel et al., 2019). While the results are promising, additional studies should be conducted to determine the benefits and potential risks of long-term Hemp treatment. The following statistics are extracted from the Barchel et al., 2019 study of 53 children who received a maximum daily dose of 600mg Hemp, in addition to their ongoing medication, for approximately two months:

  • Self-injury and rage attacks improved in 67.6% of patients
  • Hyperactivity symptoms improved in 68.4% of patients
  • Sleep problems improved in 71.4% of patients
  • Anxiety improved in 47.1% of patients.

The final study, which supported my growing belief of the miraculous effects of Hemp, was one conducted by Aran and colleagues. The study showed that behavioral outbreaks were improved or much improved in 61% of patients (Aran et al., 2019).

Researchers have performed further studies on this theory and have concluded that:
“There is some scientific data demonstrating that Hemp can treat anxiety disorders as well as general social anxiety” (Blessing et al., 2015; Hoch et al., 2019). The effects of Hemp use can be differentiated from those of THC, which have been
reported to increase anxiety in some patients resulting in minor amounts of sedation and euphoria. So, what dosage should one take to safely address the feelings of anxiety?  Research shows that “Doses ranging from 300-600mg, Hemp has been shown to reduce experimentally induced anxiety in healthy controls as well as to reduce anxiety in patients with a social anxiety disorder” (Blessing et al., 2015; Hoch et al., 2019).

After analyzing the many recent research studies, I have come to my conclusion that Hemp products can have a positive effect on many diseases. I find that the dedication of medical researchers astounding as they are committed to discovering
further properties of Hemp and how else it could be useful for humans. It is time that humanity turns to natural products to help heal and treat diseases and to walk away from chemically synthesized products- which always come hand in hand with a list of possible side effects.
I invite you to explore published research articles by renowned scientists and allow for it to open a new door to a world of healing. As always, please consult with your physician before taking any medications, over-the-counter drugs, supplements, or herbs.

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